Mackerel in Tomato Sauce

Tasty Laser Mackerel in a rich tomato sauce. Containing ample amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, mackerel fish has been shown to enhance your skin & hair care whilst boosting immunity, improving bone mineral density, controlling diabetes, promoting weight loss and improving cognition to name but a few benefits. Out of both fresh and saltwater fish, Mackerel has one of the highest concentrations in Omega-3 acids which lowers blood pressure and raises your good cholesterol.

  • Mackerel In rich tomato
  • Good Source of Omega-3
  • Numerous Health Benefits
  • Cans Contain an Easy Open Ring Pull
Pack Cases per pallet Cases per 20′ container Shelf Life
24 x 425g 75 1800 36 months
50 x 155g 108 2000 60 months
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With 25 years of heritage, The Laser grocery range remains to be a superior collection of carefully selected lines, designed to promote good health, taste and flavour. With over 25 years of heritage, the famous saying goes- for Health, Taste & Flavour- Remember Laser!


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